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Railo, Hudson & Php in 20 minutes

I feel like I have just had a life changing experience.

I just installed Railo for the first time and within minutes added the Hudson WAR and added support for Quercus to handle .php files.

Never again will I install PHP. Not when I can use a Java implementation and install it so fast without any issues at all. It was so easy I was sure I would get an error... but none appear. I feel like I am in the freakin Twilight Zone. I am kicking myself for waiting so long to give Railo a try and so should you. Go to and try it out if you haven't yet, it really is a brilliant server and being open source it is likely to advance quite quickly to become the number one CFML server.

All you need to do is run the Railo installer, go to the Railo/webapps/ROOT folder for the Railo install and add in any war file you want to install and then restart Railo via your start menu. Too easy!! Quercus was then easy to install by removing the comments from the app-default.xml file in the Railo/conf folder and now I have php working! It is that easy!

Mr Gertz, Mr Corfield, Mr Drew and all the rest of you brilliant people, NICE WORK!