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Another year older and so much more learned. cf.Objective(ANZ) was great. Really enjoyed having a drink with many of the speakers and dinner at Federation Square.

I really enjoyed talking to Mike Brunt about clustering and more detailed server setup; Mark Drew about Railo and CFEclipse; Mike Schierberl about JVM tuning; Geoff Bowers about FarCry and last but certainly not least my fellow Melbournian Mark Mandel on Hudson continuous integration and ORM.

I think where I work will be installing ColdFusion 9 in the next week or two and I can't wait to take advantage of this great release.

I will take today easy and enjoy my birthday and work more on my pet hobby of trying to run John Resig's Env.js JavaScript framework blended into the ColdFusion server context latter in the week, I would love any help anyone can afford me regarding getting Rhino to bend to my will, I will elaborate further latter in the week on exactly what I desire to accomplish with CFJS.