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Creative Suite 5 WTF?


Adobe in their infinite wisdom have left CFBuilder OUT OF CS5 Web Premium.

That's a bad move but it gets to be not just bad but plain insulting as well. If you buy CFBuilder you get a 'free' copy of Flash Builder. Funny given that CFBuilder is half baked and yet costs $50 more than Flash Builder. Appears to me that Flash Builder is the product you are buying and getting CFBuilder for the $50 it is worth!

To back up my assumption on what I feel to be painfully obvious CS5 is released and for the first time INCLUDES Flash Builder! So pretty much every product Adobe sell is in a version of CS5 except CFBuilder!? WTF??? Are they that embarrased with how average it is? Surely regardless of how bad it is (it is version one, people can get over a bad version one) this just says to me that they don't understand their products and don't value the few remaining CF developers.

I am really annoyed that they haven't put in some effort to push CFBuilder further.

I really hope that the reason is that they are going to release a CF10 with server-side ActionScript.