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Node.JS FTW!

Node JS has answered my JavaScript prayers and is now my primary source of inspiration for server-side development. I have recently installed the open source Oracle VM VirtualBox and loaded up an instance of the open source Ubuntu 11.4 Natty Narwhal so I could take NodeJS for a spin.

Installation is a breeze and took only a few minutes, then I was ready to install Node Package Manager which allows the user to install any of the extremely numerous packages designed to improve the deployment of various types of Node server application.

It is important to note and be aware of all the required packages required by Node and NPM to operate correctly as missing one them can make installing NPM painful with errors that don't give a lot of instruction on their real causes. In my case the NPM install command "curl | sh" would not work until I updated it to "curl | sudo sh". I assume I had issues with my user setup that didn't give me enough rights.

Anyway with Ubuntu, NodeJS and NPM all installed it was onto the packages and which should I install to get started?!