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Creative Suite 5 WTF?


Adobe in their infinite wisdom have left CFBuilder OUT OF CS5 Web Premium.

That's a bad move but it gets to be not just bad but plain insulting as well. If you buy CFBuilder you get a 'free' copy of Flash Builder. Funny given that CFBuilder is half baked and yet costs $50 more than Flash Builder. Appears to me that Flash Builder is the product you are buying and getting CFBuilder for the $50 it is worth!

To back up my assumption on what I feel to be painfully obvious CS5 is released and for the first time INCLUDES Flash Builder! So pretty much every product Adobe sell is in a version of CS5 except CFBuilder!? WTF??? Are they that embarrased with how average it is? Surely regardless of how bad it is (it is version one, people can get over a bad version one) this just says to me that they don't understand their products and don't value the few remaining CF developers.

I am really annoyed that they haven't put in some effort to push CFBuilder further.

I really hope that the reason is that they are going to release a CF10 with server-side ActionScript.



How did I miss ALT+SHIFT+A in CFEclipse for like half a year??

Could be the most useful shortcut ever found in an IDE for professional development.

For those that have not had the pleasure yet, this will enable/disable block selection mode. Block selection mode will allow you to select any text block in your page without having to also select the characters on all the lines between, only the lines that fall within the left most and right most points of selection!

Wow I hear you all thinking, that's the best, but no, it gets better!

You can select a straight line up and down and when you start typing every character you type is copied to every line in the selection.

You so have to try it, it is great, so great in fact that Microsoft is apparently going to copy it for their next version of Visual Studio, still kicking myself for not reading enough release notes to have found it earlier but just glad to be able to save time using it now.

Oh and if you are playing around with Android Development platform, you will need to re-assign some of Android's default key combos to use CTRL+SHIFT+A instead or it will block your access to it. Well you could just change the block selection one but hey I installed it first so it gets to stay in my install!

ColdFusion, better with every passing day...