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JSON Schema Form

So I have, through random chance and good timing, been given a great honour to help lead a project dear to my heart into the bright future it so richly deserves. Angular Schema Form was a project started by Textalk in Sweden and currently maintained primarily by David Jensen.

As anyone who knows me knows I love Google's Material Design, so I started working on method to display the forms generated using Material Design Angular Schema Form Material. Through this involvement I had been communicating often with David until it became clear work and life in general were making it difficult for David to maintain the project alone.

As such I suggested opening up the project to a wider group of maintainers, turned out David already wanted to do so, which was quite good timing for me as I had already registered a GitHub org JSON Schema Form to potentially parent the related projects.

Now we have a planning Gitter and an ever expanding group of interested parties are discussing and planning where to take the projects. We are already in talks with other projects with similar intent, with a goal to standardise a ui-schema for non-data format related requirements and potentially reduce workload by finding common ground to share design patterns and core components that any related project may need.

The goal of this being to provide developers with consistent experiences across various platforms and frameworks from Angular / Angular 2 to React and eventually others.

So if you are a nerdy nerd like me, please feel free to look at the JSON Schema Form org's projects, especially the demo for Angular Schema form, and consider becoming a part of a growing and rational project for managing your next application's forms.